newsletter april 2018

hello jenni!

here are 3 highlights from the month of april

1. these are the first j-card designs for hilda's debut album, the first album coming out of my label. 


2. i finally took time to learn my camera and we went out to the woods to shoot hilda's first photos for the press release campaign in july.


3. this is a small extract of an interview hilda did. it will only be released in a couple of months but we put this together for you as an unofficial trailer of the official trailer. hope you enjoy it!


what can we expect from may?

1. photoshoot in stockholm .1

2. complete first lot of cassette tapes  .2

3. start video with the label's official presentation to the world .3

4. reach 200 daily listeners on my daily podcast .4

5. have fun .5


!thank you so much for your wonderful support, it's truly moving!