newsletter may 2018

may is a hard one. so many things happened and summarising it is a real challenge. 

let's cover 5 things in chronological order!


1. stockholm. how was that? quite inspiring, to be very honest. had never experienced nature in that way, so well fused with the city. all the landscape was so different from portugal, it was surprising and good!


2. as for hilda's album. we were completely done with all the musical parts this month. all the mastering was complete and everything was super ready to go. 


,hilda wrote a beautiful song.

we both thought it deserved the sacrifice of going back and integrating it in the album

so now we're mastering again

3. in the meantime, we started collecting clips for her campaign, which officially starts tomorrow! 

4. me and felix also started working on his campaign, since his album is almost finished and we now have a better idea of what kind of visuals we're aiming for. we went for a photoshoot and i now am starting to learn how to use photoshop! luckily manuele (from our class as well, and my flatmate!) is a graphic designer and gave me lessons, which i am so so thankful for!


5. i also have something really exciting to present this month as a label.

i wanted to share it with you because maybe you'll have a good idea for it, or know someone who you'd like to be part of this project.

will briefly explain

so, every month there will be a release. and every other month is a featured artist.

this means, one featured artist to be released in september, another in november, another in january and so on...

in between those months, the cassettes (/releases) will be themed mixtapes. the point is for them to feature a collective input, like a compilation album.

the first one to come out (in october 2018) will feature first ever demos. i asked some people to dig through their old stuff and find the oldest recording of an original song.

and, even though i have tracks lined up already, i want some of them to be from people i didn't necessarily think of, or know. so i made a video, which i will share tomorrow, to find those extra missing tracks!

i called this project finding demo. :) 

so, if you know of someone who made interesting demos, or even if you find one that you made yourself and would like to share its story, please feel more than welcome to send it to me!

once again, thank you so so much, jenni. thank you for wanting to know about the label and its progress. it really means a lot and makes me want to aim higher every month!

ana from demo records ltd.