newsletter June 2018

hi, jenni!

3 exciting things that happened in june :)



1. hilda's campaign started. so i'm just sending her album out to some blogs and radios. sending a lot of press releases through post, which is very laborious but quite rewarding! hopefully i'll get some letters back as well :)


we also filmed two music videos in brighton, which should be ready very soon. her first single comes out on august 1st, and it's the title track of the album last word of love. the pre-orders of the album will open on that same day.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 15.07.28.png

2. the second album coming out on the label (october 2018) is exactly what i explained in the last newsletter. it's called finding demo and it's an exploration of people's demos. the idea is to understand what leads people to the act of creation. 

it was only this month, when talking about my label with jacqui rice (co-founder of the domino recording co) that i realised what i was doing with demo records ltd.

and i tried to record that moment of lucidity to have it in the main webpage.

3. donations can finally be done because i managed to solve all the bank account issues i was dealing with. if you ever feel like you'd like to contribute to the project, i'd be more than thankful! it has been really a blessing to dedicate my time to this project. i'm trying my hardest to make it meaningful and relevant not just for me, but for other people who grapple with the same questions i do.





thank you for being such an example of dedication, it was a pleasure to be your student.

please do keep me updated about your music, because i like it very very much (i listen to your album many times).