newsletter july 2018


this month was really charged with emotion and new things, so let's just get into it!

1. hilda's first single is already out on all platforms! along with the full interview we did.

you might run into this weird artist page that looks nothing like hilda when searching for her single on spotify. it's a mistake that will be fixed by spotify really soon :)

either way, we are really proud of the work we did together and generally it feels like we've come a long way since we started this. hilda has become a much better songwriter and poet and i have become a better mixer and people dealing machine (if that's even a skill).


2. bought a sewing machine and started designing my own merch. it's always been a dream of mine to sew my own clothes but i never actually made the step towards it. having to create merch was the perfect excuse to start! i have so so so much to learn, still, but that's my favourite part of life, to learn new things!

3. will be doing a launch of the label event at bimm on the september 1st and it would mean a lot if you could come!

it will be a very small gathering to celebrate the beginning of my project and so that i get a chance to thank you in person for all the support you've been giving me. it will be on the afternoon of the september 1st in g01 (the room where i first had the idea for demo records ltd.).

there will be free port wine, btw :)


4. will be running the label on donations through my patreon page. 

trying to get to the $100/month goal so that i can run the label sustainably with my salary and other people's contributions.