belle jar

last word of love


there will always be things left to say when formally describing this album. and writing a proper short biography of belle jar has been one of the most daunting tasks i have ever encountered.

last word of love is a document of humanity, it's an album of forgiveness, redemption, exploration, goodbyes but most of all, existence. 

belle jar is a folk artist in the truest meaning of the word folk. her desire to create comes from her desire to connect (with others and herself), and the urgency of this album is solely the urgency of participation.

belle jar's contribution is comprised under this resolute album, and no more shall be found of her after this release. and the fact that it was meant to die from its beginning is what makes this project so human. 

i sincerely wish you get to discover as much as i did with belle jar's work.

below, you can listen to the album, and hopefully understand where i'm coming from.

last word of love will came out on september 1st 2018 on all platforms, and limited edition cassettes have now sold out.

- ana from demo records ltd.