newsletter july 2018

hi everyone!



so, first i should formally explain demo records ltd.! it's a project i came up with during a music industry lesson. it's a record label that only releases demos, it's meant to be a creative exploration of the unfinished work, focusing more on the idea and less on the song (or final product).

i've always had this huge fascination for the work people considered not yet presentable, and one of my favourite demo albums is this one below.

anyway, this whole project started out with me working on hilda's album and realising the potential that lies beneath the genuine desire to create.

we've both come a long long way since the moment we decided to create this album. we both had to learn millions of new things and we're finally ready to share all our work with the world.

the full album comes out on sep 1st, along with a label launch event.
I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU THERE, IT'S GOING TO BE AT BIMM, ROOM G01 ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON (SEP 1ST). there will be free port wine and you'll get to see hilda one last time in person :)

either way, her first single came out today and i wanted you to know about it, since you've been so present throughout the whole process.

here's an interview we did together:

do let me know if you wish to be updated on this project of mine and i hope all is good with you :)