episode 2 - cd sleeves and saatchi gallery

day two of podcast and mission towards demo records empire was focused on cd sleeve workshop with myself (and jordan peterson on youtube, oc!!). 

during the afternoon i went to the saatchi gallery and was surprised by the variety of content. i wrote some names down to check out later: Alexander Calder, Makiko Kudo, Arsenal Savadov, Pyotr Pavlensky and Oleg Kulik.

i also have a mini, slightly useless rant on alfred adler. but what i meant to say is really well explained in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3TbSjZ_fxc

i want to work on my story telling abilities, which now are so close to being a pile of poop. please bare with me as i will try my best to keep improving.