episode 3 - i'm changing everything again and there's a song in the end lolz

i was watching a ulay interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e8yXmXXNaU) and decided i wasn't on the right path. i was merely doing what i was supposed to, trying to build a decent website, trying to create decent cd sleeves, have accessible ideas. but that's not what i want, that's not what i'm missing in the current industry. i decided to invest in acting out a persona, the ideal demo records owner. she is uncompromisable in her mission. she knows she will only fail if under her own beliefs and convictions. there's a song in the end that i did with absolutely no self-judgement, i really just tried to enjoy the process (that hadn't happened in a while).

below this there's a picture of my gathering of today's most important thoughts. i'm thinking that doing this every day may help me understand where my head is and, therefore, where it wants to go more clearly.