episode 15 - 8 resolutions to become a better leader in 2018

my 8 resolutions for the next year to become a better leader. actually it's 9 because i came up with a new one as i finished the episode and started writing this. jeez 

the artist i was talking about is called jessica sligter and the album i was referring to is called 'balls and kittens, draughts and strangling rain'.

the poem goes like this: 


I closed you in the star chamber and told you I loved you

I took your finger and sucked it, my mouth was the ring that kept us married

and just like that you were gone.


I thought about strangling rain for a while and how come rain doesn't fall inside?

I thought of merman and if he


feels or hunts for deliverance

an ungrateful sort of difference

cause above sea arrows can fly

and above, sea comes out the eye