episode 58 - gilles deleuze and loops


hey everyone!

hope all is good! today i actually became obsessed with finding out why we like loops. 
this is the phrase i was trying to read to you (turns out it's sort of hard to understand it without reading): 'there is becoming, change, passage. but the form of what changes does not itself change, does not pass on. this is time, time itself, a little time in its pure state: a direct time-image, which gives what changes the unchanging form in which the change is produced. [...] the still life is time, for everything that changes is in time, but time does not itself change, it could itself change only in another time, indefinitely.' 

this is the googledocs folder where i stored the notes and pdf(s) to create this episode: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GVzu3Yt10hk_-W9mNOLtbczhb-ZyP4m1?usp=sharing

and this is the video i am absolutely obsessed with: 

have a great week, guys! 
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