episode 102 - relationship marketing


hey everyone!!


excited to post again, i know i was out for two days. it usually happens when i have little time to think, little time by myself (which i have been craving so so much!).

anyway, i started the essay for my music industry module and i want the silver thread to be the economic theory of relationship marketing.

completely forgot to mention that the articles i found on this, and all the research i’m doing is on a google drive folder that i’ll link here, in case you’re interested in the same things as me. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oFrTXbHciuz5I5HnD6PjdiVGWGFbceMM?usp=sharing


i'll talk to you all tomorrow, have a lovely weekend!

ana from demo records ltd.


p.s. can i also mention an amazing playlist on spotify? here it goes.