episode 70 - art and morality


hi everyone!

today i decided to talk about the relationship between art and morality. i talk a bit about tolstoy, so here's a book he wrote that might be worth checking out:

see you all tomorrow, 
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episode 55 - debussy and impressionism

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hey everyone!


today’s episode is about debussy, impressionist painters and impressionism in general. i don’t really know why i’m doing it about this theme today but i think it was inspired by the snow (it’s just so beautiful and inspiring!).



i found some interesting things to read and watch so please feel free to check all the links in your own time :)





thank you so much for always listening!


ana from demo records ltd.


episode 53 - surprise interview and bbc plugging


hey everyone!

today was a quite exciting and full day and that's what i'm talking about during the episode. i needed some structure after yesterday's such mentally draining studio experience and i actually worked in a very calm but enjoyable fashion! did a surprise interview to one of the artists which was so much fun and also went to a radio plugging masterclass, which was interesting on its own as well. 

let's see what the future brings!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 41 - what nástio mosquito taught me about art


hey everyone,

today i’m trying a different structure for these episodes, let me know if you like it. i like it more because it’s more organised and just flows nicer to me.

this is the patreon page i created. it’s still a bit naked and will be until i figure out how to make it work for demo records. if you feel you would like to support me, i’d be so happy about that.


these are some of my favourite nástio mosquito interviews, you should defo check em out. also, subscribe to the louisiana channel on youtube, you won’t regret it, they are so incredible!!

also, don’t forget to check out the ‘first person singular’ album william sent me yesterday!

i will see you guys tomorrow.

ana from demo records ltd.