episode 61 - random tax talk and finding music on bandcamp

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hey everyone!

there was a slight change of plans so i ended up doing random tasks for the morning, that i had to catch up with for a few weeks, now. therefore, this episode is also quite random as well, i mention tax, the launch event of the label and i try to find some artists on bandcamp.


these were the albums played:

jokes about dead people

mauna loa


hand mirror




see you tomorrow with sth more!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 49 - meeting bandcamp


hey everyone!

even though it was not the most productive day in the world (i guess my mind was feeling a bit more creative today) today i went to two events that were quite useful. one was about marketing through social media and the other was a meeting with some of the london bandcamp team. 

i hope everyone is having a great week and i'll see you all tomorrow!
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 45 - i went nuts

hey guys!

i don't know if i'm just tired or if it really is that i haven't been drinking enough water but i really feel mental atm. been doing some creative tasks but everything feels jumbled up in my mind, it's not organised at all like it was a few weeks ago.

ana from demo records ltd.


episode 42 - is blockchain the way forward? collection societies analysis pt.2


hey everyone!



today’s episode is a tiny reflection on what i read today about blockchain and its possible implications in the music industry, more specifically in collection societies.

i have a bit of a headache and i think i am in a slightly lunatic mood, i feel quite the insane person, right now.


leaving the links i promised you guys, below:



see you tomorrow!!

insane ana from demo records ltd.