episode 114 - a bit on my essay and a story

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hi everyone!

today i’m going a bit over my music industry essay. i will do that again in the future, because it was very loose and unprepared. i also have a story at the end.

anyway, i hope you’re all doing well and i’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 102 - relationship marketing


hey everyone!!


excited to post again, i know i was out for two days. it usually happens when i have little time to think, little time by myself (which i have been craving so so much!).

anyway, i started the essay for my music industry module and i want the silver thread to be the economic theory of relationship marketing.

completely forgot to mention that the articles i found on this, and all the research i’m doing is on a google drive folder that i’ll link here, in case you’re interested in the same things as me.


i'll talk to you all tomorrow, have a lovely weekend!

ana from demo records ltd.


p.s. can i also mention an amazing playlist on spotify? here it goes.

episode 101 - writing a bio


hey everyone!

today i'm talking about a different way to approach the writing of a bio, maybe you can use this for your projects as well. it's a really short introduction to three act storytelling and i will be practising this in the next few days.

hope you enjoy it,

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 100 - we have a guest, guys!



today is the 100th episode, cannot believe it! it's so hard for me to carry things through this far, i'm really happy about this! belle jar came on the show to give us a bit of her wisdom, and i think it went quite well (i'll let you be the judge of that).

talk to you soon,

ana from demo records ltd.