episode 21 - 22, a million. travelling inside the words pt.3


hey everyone, 

this is the last part of the analysis of justin's lyrics for 22, a million. i hope you like it and if you would like to hear more of this type of podcast please let me know through twitter or instagram @demorecords_ltd. :)

as usual, i'll link the google docs file i created to write this podcast in case you want to read further on this.

have a lovely day and join me tomorrow for the music revolution!
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 18 - cassette tapes


hey! today i'm really really excited. thinking of cassette tapes as a medium for demo records and reading on some labels found z tapes, a label from slovakia. what an awesome day.

check out z tapes here:

articles I found to be interesting:

episode 16 - singer, song, platform

i'm thinking about platforms for our artists and trying to understand if the CD is actually dead or not. what is the place of streaming and do some things replace others??

you can check out more information on these articles that i found interesting. if you find something i should read, please let me know about it.