episode 98 - let's talk emails

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hi everyone!

can you believe that i only noticed a few days ago that this description was always showing up in the wrong format? that's embarrassing to say the least. took me 98 episodes to figure that out! anyway, today i'm talking about emails and how you can find emails online of the people you might need to contact to get your opportunities moving!

anyway, talk to you all tomorrow!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 39 - collection society analysis pt.1

hey everyone!

today is a bit of jumbled info on prs and collection societies in general. i'm starting my research for the end of the term essay i have to write for my music industry class.

here's the document i'm creating for all the info:

thank you so much for always listening, it's very kind of all of you!
ana from demo records ltd.


episode 18 - cassette tapes


hey! today i'm really really excited. thinking of cassette tapes as a medium for demo records and reading on some labels found z tapes, a label from slovakia. what an awesome day.

check out z tapes here:

articles I found to be interesting:

episode 11 - what is raingurl?

today was noisey saturday and i found yaeji through them. had a date with google and we decided to decode raingurl together. it went well, i think we're going on a second date.

follow her and learn how to use proper lighting on your Instagram photos:

follow the label cause you know we're about the label business and all: