episode 26 - had a meeting about the future of demo records ltd.


hey everyone! today i'm just sharing a meeting i had about the future of demo records ltd. i hope you enjoy it! :)


ana from demo records ltd.

episode 25 - diving through sufjan's poems for call me by your name


hey everyone! this is a tiny analysis i did on sufjan’s lyrics for the songs featured in the film ‘call me by your name’. below i left you a link to the official trailer and to a playlist i created with the three songs mentioned in the episode.




lots and lots of love,

ana from demo records ltd.


episode 24 - childish gambino experiment and workflow vent


hey everyone! i'm finally back with the podcasts and very well cause before i get into the childish gambino experiment, i have a vent about workflow and all.

these are the 3 interviews i took the vocal bits from:

episode 23 - photoshoot, tax and some artists i found online


hey everyone! today was a bit all over the place, between editing pictures from yesterday’s photoshoot, going through trying to understand tax and listening to new music, there wasn’t much time to focus on a specific theme for today’s podcast.


i’ll link nardwar’s tedtalk cause i think everyone should watch it at least once!



i’ll also link the artists i talked about. the first ones were called ‘end of neil’ and this is the song they sent me, ‘hebridean breeze’


the second artist i talked about is called edward mewburn and this is his ‘demo’ album on spotify!


have a wonderful day,


ana from demo records ltd.