episode 25 - diving through sufjan's poems for call me by your name


hey everyone! this is a tiny analysis i did on sufjan’s lyrics for the songs featured in the film ‘call me by your name’. below i left you a link to the official trailer and to a playlist i created with the three songs mentioned in the episode.




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episode 21 - 22, a million. travelling inside the words pt.3


hey everyone, 

this is the last part of the analysis of justin's lyrics for 22, a million. i hope you like it and if you would like to hear more of this type of podcast please let me know through twitter or instagram @demorecords_ltd. :)

as usual, i'll link the google docs file i created to write this podcast in case you want to read further on this.

have a lovely day and join me tomorrow for the music revolution!
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episode 20 - 22, a million. travelling inside the words pt.2

hey everyone,


so this is part 2 of analysis of bon river's lyrics for 22, a million! it has been such a great experience doing this, i'm learning a lot about justin vernon, song structure and songwriting. amazing how having a goal can make you just go in way deeper than you ever would if there was no set task in the end of organising the thoughts. 

for this episode to make more sense, it would be better if you checked out the previous one. 

also, if you want to read further, this is the link to the google docs where i am writing all my notes:

thank you for all your support and if you have any feedback please do let me know. have a lovely day,
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 19 - 22, a million. travelling inside the words pt.1

hey demo people! i have decided to dedicate some time analysing bon iver's lyrics on 22, a million and it has been a lot of fun! I tried to gather some information and organise it in a way that would be interesting and make sense in my head. if you have your own theories please share those with me on twitter @demorecords_ltd

if you perhaps want to check out my notes for this podcast, this is the right link to follow:

most of the information I gathered was read on genius and you too can read it, if you want: