episode 79 - what am i doing today

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hi everyone!

what am i up to today is a great subject, innit? thought so too, in case you haven't noticed (lol).

this is the interview i mentioned, never mind the fact that i can't remember names:

see you tomorrow!
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 52 - comping vocals


hey everyone!

today, i decided to use my songwriting time to comp vocals for a track i'm working on for one of the artists of the label. i go a bit over the process. just won't show the song because it will be released in october (most likely). but if you'd like me to do another episode where i explain the different steps towards the creation of a song, i'd be more than happy to do that. tomorrow i'll be in the studio the whole day, so i don't really know how to record the podcast, but let's see. you never know if some minutes come up at the end of the day.

hope you are having a lovely week,
ana from demo records ltd.