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episode 114 - a bit on my essay and a story

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hi everyone!

today i’m going a bit over my music industry essay. i will do that again in the future, because it was very loose and unprepared. i also have a story at the end.

anyway, i hope you’re all doing well and i’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 102 - relationship marketing


hey everyone!!


excited to post again, i know i was out for two days. it usually happens when i have little time to think, little time by myself (which i have been craving so so much!).

anyway, i started the essay for my music industry module and i want the silver thread to be the economic theory of relationship marketing.

completely forgot to mention that the articles i found on this, and all the research i’m doing is on a google drive folder that i’ll link here, in case you’re interested in the same things as me.


i'll talk to you all tomorrow, have a lovely weekend!

ana from demo records ltd.


p.s. can i also mention an amazing playlist on spotify? here it goes.

episode 73 - what's going on

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hi everyone,



today it’s just a tiny update on what is going on. writing emails and cover letter for domino records.

keep writing demo records instead of domino, it’s a real issue.



ana from demo records ltd.


episode 53 - surprise interview and bbc plugging


hey everyone!

today was a quite exciting and full day and that's what i'm talking about during the episode. i needed some structure after yesterday's such mentally draining studio experience and i actually worked in a very calm but enjoyable fashion! did a surprise interview to one of the artists which was so much fun and also went to a radio plugging masterclass, which was interesting on its own as well. 

let's see what the future brings!

ana from demo records ltd.