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episode 61 - random tax talk and finding music on bandcamp

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hey everyone!

there was a slight change of plans so i ended up doing random tasks for the morning, that i had to catch up with for a few weeks, now. therefore, this episode is also quite random as well, i mention tax, the launch event of the label and i try to find some artists on bandcamp.


these were the albums played:

jokes about dead people

mauna loa


hand mirror




see you tomorrow with sth more!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 39 - collection society analysis pt.1

hey everyone!

today is a bit of jumbled info on prs and collection societies in general. i'm starting my research for the end of the term essay i have to write for my music industry class.

here's the document i'm creating for all the info:

thank you so much for always listening, it's very kind of all of you!
ana from demo records ltd.


episode 37 - let's talk about contracts

hey everyone! 

today i'm going over my recent steps regarding contracts. below there are quite a few links that i thought might be useful if you're also starting your own record label.


contract templates:


see you guys tomorrow,
ana from demo records ltd.