episode 87 - why to demo?

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hey everyone!

had no time to write the episode today, so i'm bullshitting a lot during the episode, i'm sorry. however, my voice is indeed sexier than ever, don't you think?
just found out that my music publishing teacher is going to the same pub as me tonight, weird. that'll be fun, lol.

see you tomorrow,
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 86 - time management

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hey everyone!

today i'll be talking a bit about time management, it has been on my mind lately, as i try to figure out what i should be dedicating my time to and the best way to do it for me.

at the end i let you know how the meeting with natalie judge from matador records went, so stay tuned for that!

i'll talk to you all tomorrow,

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 49 - meeting bandcamp


hey everyone!

even though it was not the most productive day in the world (i guess my mind was feeling a bit more creative today) today i went to two events that were quite useful. one was about marketing through social media and the other was a meeting with some of the london bandcamp team. 

i hope everyone is having a great week and i'll see you all tomorrow!
ana from demo records ltd.