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episode 57 - how i find music

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hey everyone!!

today is literally just finding music with you. very sparse talking and stuff but hopefully you'll enjoy it!

songs played:
 - natalie prass (short court style) -
 - natalie prass (bird of prey) -
 - men i trust (show me how) -
 - men i trust (hope to be around) -
 - men i trust (lauren) -
 - clau veux (everything's great) -
 - charles irwin - a sad song about a girl i no longer know -
 - i'm in love with you, sorry -
 - i'm always tired, but never of you -
 - g o o d b y e -
 - love tapes (baby) -
 - chrome sparks (all or nothing) -
 - buzzy lee (coolhand) -
 - wasterman (confirmation) -
 - sean nicholas savage (propaganda) -
 - sean nicholas savage (she looks like you) -
 - jerkcurb (somerton beach) -
 - horsey (everyone's tongue) -

see you tomorrow!!
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 37 - let's talk about contracts

hey everyone! 

today i'm going over my recent steps regarding contracts. below there are quite a few links that i thought might be useful if you're also starting your own record label.


contract templates:


see you guys tomorrow,
ana from demo records ltd.


episode 28 - prs, how to get your music on blogs and new artist


hey everyone! today is a bit of a jumble of info. mainly 3 new things i found out about today. also, below is the link for the website i mentioned and also the artist i talked about.

have a lovely day,
ana from demo records ltd.