episode 91 - this week

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hey everyone!

i'm sorry i haven't been uploading, lately. it's been truly chaotic. this is a little update on this week, cause it's a bit of an unusual one. 
days go by soooooooooo fast. can't even believe it!!

talk to you all tomorrow,
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 85 - meeting with matador records

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today is an exciting day, i'm writing a video for demo records, i'm mixing a song and i'm meeting natalie judge from matador records!
was preparing the meeting. not sure if i should take my cv or not, though, what do you think?

check matador out on twitter or their website!

tomorrow i'll let you know how the meeting went! bye,
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 74 - story time, welcome to the orifice


hi everyone!

today was 'learning the hard way' kind of day. if you tune in until the end of the episode you'll understand what happened with my domino internship application. 
also, if you got my newsletter, thank you so much for getting back to me and being just lovely. 

i will see you all soon,
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 37 - let's talk about contracts

hey everyone! 

today i'm going over my recent steps regarding contracts. below there are quite a few links that i thought might be useful if you're also starting your own record label.


contract templates:


see you guys tomorrow,
ana from demo records ltd.