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episode 81 - how i did my first j card

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hey everyone!! 

today is a more nerdy (but not much, actually) episode on how i did my first j card. i hope you enjoy it. will leave an infographic below so you can check out and do it yourself as well.

j cards.png

see you tomorrow!
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 69 - 1st cassette tape ever

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hi everyone!

today is a big day. the day of the first cassette tape of the first album ever coming through demo records ltd. if you feel like joining my adventure doing this, just listen to the podcast where i go through all the stages.

very happy about this.

see you tomorrow,
ana from demo records ltd.

episode 66 - trello and francis bacon

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hey everyone!

today, i decided to talk about my weekend because i actually worked a lot (in my mind, you know?). did a lot of practical things but also unraveled passions that i didn’t even know i had. found francis bacon and was absolutely startled, i felt like some part of me was discovered. it was such a shocking experience that i almost cried when looking at the paintings for the first time, which never happened before, really.

i also re-discovered trello, a computer app that i used to use before coming to london to manage projects i was involved in. here’s a link for you to check it if you think it will help you organise yourself.


also, here's the link for the tate britain show 'all too human' (worth checking out freud, he is impressive too!!): http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/all-too-human

these are the links for the documentary and the interview i mentioned:

see you guys tomorrow,

ana from demo records ltd.



episode 52 - comping vocals


hey everyone!

today, i decided to use my songwriting time to comp vocals for a track i'm working on for one of the artists of the label. i go a bit over the process. just won't show the song because it will be released in october (most likely). but if you'd like me to do another episode where i explain the different steps towards the creation of a song, i'd be more than happy to do that. tomorrow i'll be in the studio the whole day, so i don't really know how to record the podcast, but let's see. you never know if some minutes come up at the end of the day.

hope you are having a lovely week,
ana from demo records ltd.