episode 93 - i'm back


hey everyone!

I'm back to london and to the podcast! i was just trying to gather my thoughts properly today, so this episode is not massively important. what is important is that i thank everyone who still listens to me! we've reached more than 200 daily listeners which is absolutely insane!!

thank you so much,

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 61 - random tax talk and finding music on bandcamp

PNG image-4E2C04FDFE67-1.png

hey everyone!

there was a slight change of plans so i ended up doing random tasks for the morning, that i had to catch up with for a few weeks, now. therefore, this episode is also quite random as well, i mention tax, the launch event of the label and i try to find some artists on bandcamp.


these were the albums played:

jokes about dead people

mauna loa


hand mirror




see you tomorrow with sth more!

ana from demo records ltd.

episode 26 - had a meeting about the future of demo records ltd.


hey everyone! today i'm just sharing a meeting i had about the future of demo records ltd. i hope you enjoy it! :)


ana from demo records ltd.

episode 25 - diving through sufjan's poems for call me by your name


hey everyone! this is a tiny analysis i did on sufjan’s lyrics for the songs featured in the film ‘call me by your name’. below i left you a link to the official trailer and to a playlist i created with the three songs mentioned in the episode.




lots and lots of love,

ana from demo records ltd.