newsletter may 2018

hi, lloyd!

have no idea of what i shared about the label, so before here's a bit of context.

demo records ltd. is a project i created a while ago because of my absolute love for demos.

.there was always something super hypnotic and enchanting about recordings with mistakes, of songs not yet developed or complete.

.it was more akin to a real conversation than to a unidirectional speech.

.certainly less concise but certainly more real.

so that's my record label




so far, i've been working very intensely with hilda, this girl from my class. her artist name is actually belle jar and we've been preparing her campaign for the past months. we've done an interview, some photoshoots and a video shoot.

because we're learning everything ourselves, each process takes a long time to be completed. at the same time, it feels really good to do it this way, makes everything really personal and charged with emotional intention.

her album will come out in september and it will be my first ever release!

belle jar photo 1.png


i now started planning another release i will do in october, where i ask different people to find their oldest recordings of original songs. i want to make a compilation album of people's first demos. 

if you think of someone who would like to be part of this conceptual release, let me know! i am really excited about it. :)



i think that's enough talking about my label for now.

btw, made this playlist of songs i have been into recently and thought you might like.

!hope everything is well in your life!