newsletter june 2018


first of all, i've been very addicted to this song.




thank you (and amelia) so much for wanting to be part of the 'finding demo' project. i'm having tons of fun with it, exploring what can be called a demo, what is art and a bunch more questions that have haunted me for a while now.

this is the track list at the moment:

Nicholas Oliver - Agile and Bendy (03:05)

Fiona Clover - Maroon Matters (03:14)

Ethan Edwards - In California

melo - dreams (03:14)

Maella - Because Before (02:38)

Sahil - Sometimes I Wonder (04:35)

The Cool Side of Your Pillow - Rowing Boat (04:00)

Boys and The Guy - Peanut Butter Sandwich (01:25)




took a break from the daily podcasts i was doing because i feel like it's the time to start something with more substance, something that drives the label into a more creative landscape. hopefully i'll have time to execute all my ideas before the october release (the 'finding demo' project). will let you know as soon as it's more concrete.




had a meeting with the co-founder of the domino recording co in mid june and it was amazing. she could really understand my passion for music and we talked about animal collective and vashti bunyan a lot haha. she helped me really understand the purpose of my label just by making me explain it to her, which was really useful and cool.




apart from all that, there's not much to say. i've been contacting tons of press for belle jar's release and will start doing the same for the 'finding demo' release from today onwards.

still sketching the artwork of the album and hopefully something cool will come out of it.

let's see what comes out of all this.