newsletter july 2018


another song i'm still really addicted to.


1. some things have happened this month, such as starting my own merch. was doing everything by hand but bought a sewing machine really recently and should start doing more things really soon.

2. belle jar's album is coming out on sep 1st, when i'm also launching the label, so a lot of work has been going towards those first two things.

also, i will be doing a launch gathering on sep 1st as well. it'll be at bimm during the afternoon, in the room i came up with the idea for demo records ltd. you and amelia are super welcome to come, if you want to! there will be free port wine, so that's always a plus. :)

anyway, i'm releasing belle jar's interview tomorrow with her first song being out, last word of love.

3. will be meeting the girl i want to create the cover for the finding demo album, so that should be exciting and i'll keep you updated on that. had to take a one week break from all the work and slow down for a bit, cause it was starting to be too much on me.

and this break was really crucial to help me understand the project again. it was important for me to rebuild my approach to it and remember the initial idea as a creative thing. 


as always, thank you for caring about the project,