newsletter april 2018


so, quite a few things happened this month and even though we live in the same house, i decided to create your own section on my website, curated specifically for you.

1. tried j-cards for the first time ever! this was really fun to do, i think they look beautiful even in their most raw form.


2. tried to learn how to use my camera properly and went for a tiny photoshoot which later ended in pizza, which is always good.


3. started editing hilda's interview, so here's a sneak peek of the rough draft.


here's some things I found this month you might want to check out

the girl i told you about is really blowing up, she is now working with so many people and has so many fans. insane.

also, i think you'll like this song.

what can we expect from may?

1. photoshoot (and inspiration!!!!) in stockholm.

2. find one more artist for the label.

3. launch the 'finding demo' project/concept.

4. understand how to release an album, lol.

5. find a flatmate that is super talented and raises the bar and makes us feel bad about our own abilities but in the end makes us better at our craft.


thank you for being so supportive!