newsletter july 2018

hello hello!

after all the voice memos we left on whatsapp, here are the official news of this past month!


1. started doing my own merch. actually just bought a sewing machine which i'll be bringing to london. it's also an escape for me. i get to be productive whilst allowing myself to think and mature ideas in my head, cause it's so so easy to get caught up in whatever seems to be urgent.

i also always dreamed of being able to sew my own clothes, so that may become a reality in a few months!!

2. also the tiny vacations happened, which was great to put everything in perspective and allowing me to not place myself in the centre of the universe at all of the time. i think that, in general, it's important to be a bit self-centred to be successful at what we're trying to achieve. however, being focused in life as it comes is what will give substance to our work, so i think it's crucial that we live a normal life as well. that's what I was missing and that's what i found now in portugal.

3. hilda's 1st single comes out tomorrow. didn't manage to prepare the best release campaign but i did try my best with what i had. 

this is the interview, which will also come out tomorrow. 

also, hilda will be doing a live session with a famous blog in stockholm in a few days. that should be really exciting. 

4. the launch of the label is super confirmed and it will happen on the 1st of september at bimm in g01. i talked to julia, the bimm principal, and she let me use bimm to do it. I felt like doing it at g01 would be a great homage to the place where the actual idea for the label was born.

speaking of which, i will need your help inviting people, so when i get back to london, can you help me with this? thank you so so much!!

5. the internship at domino is secured for january, so our final year will be intense AF!! but in a good way :)

6. the demo album you're in is a bit late in schedule but i'll get back on track as soon as i get to london. there's still a lot of things i want to do for it but haven't yet.

7. I now opened my patreon page, where people can donate monthly and get the cassettes and all the things we're doing at the label. it made more sense to me to have this content available only for people who are willing to donate to the project, it's a good way to see if it is valuable or needed.

here's the patreon page, in case you know someone who'd like to contribute!:



anyway, we'll talk all this through in person and i can't wait to see you!