newsletter april 2018


yeah, so you now have your own page on my website. how cool is that? very much, i know.

so, what has happened, really? 

sort of nothing, a bit of everything, as usual. 5 highlights of april.

1. tried the new j-cards after your advice and this was the final result. i guess first draft stage is now complete. now it's learning all that jazzy design software, #fun. 


2. tried to learn how to use the camera and did a tiny photoshoot with hildsy hilds.


3. still expecting the recorder to try out some things. james yates will help with the mastering for cassette because he is obsessed with tapes, so that's really good news.


4. me and hilda tried to do an interview. here's a piece of the rough draft.

5. went to visit the place i'm booking for the launch of the label. that was really cool and scary because it seem so real. like it suddenly was not something just inside my head.


found this song in april and i think you might like it


thank you