newsletter may 2018

hey ho, dear flatmate!

sooooooooo, what the hell happened this month?


1. almost reached 300 daily listeners on the podcast (i'm at 298!). weird, no? and already did more than 100, which is also insane! 

the episode no. 100 was in collaboration with hilda, which was so much fun!

2. went on a tiny photoshoot with felix, which was a bit random but yielded nice pictures.


3. me and hilda have been collecting different videos and creating some things with them. this is a tiny trailer i made of her interview, so that people could actually see her face. 

4. somewhere along this chaotic month, i found this weird angel dressed in black. he taught me how to use photoshop and illustrator and basically saved my life. i've slowly been trying to get those skills solid, but you know, this term is such a huge blob of work, my head is all fuzzy and weird.

.anyway, the blacks are black but the whites aren't white.


belle jar photo 1.png

5. well, what else happened? apart from my flooded room, the only thing on my short term memory, i also got in the sofar sounds team! a lot of a&r in the next few months, jeez, i'm going to catch all them pokemons.

6. last, but defo not least! the idea i talked to you about, the other day. made it into an embarrassing video this morning. will start looking for demos tomorrow. maybe below some trees or whatevs.



thank you for everything. beyond thankful,