newsletter June 2018

hey ho former flatmate (x-mate or check-mate)!

(to not be confused with czech-mate cause that's maella.)

here's what's happening in this very (not so lonely after all) month.

1. already found all the demos i needed for the compilation album. 'finding demo' (and our dear friend michaela will be featured on it, how funny and awesome is that?). i feel like all the mondays were a premonition of this very moment.

got a slightly weird track list BUT it made me finally understand what demo records ltd. is, and i tried to explain it in 5 minutes for the front page of the website.

2. a lot of exciting stuff is happening with hilda's album but it's all very backstage and there's no point in saying it before it's the appropriate time for it. however, you can expect her 1st single to come on the 1st of august! the pre-orders of the album start on that day and remember we have very limited edition, so don't forget to confirm your order right when that day comes! :)

plus, may have some good news for you. you know my beautiful looking cassette player? will be giving one of them away at hilda's release, so maybe you'll get to play the tape after all, if you win it, haha!


3. found this really cool and (not known at all) artist from brazil and he will be doing felix's album cover. no one really knows about this except for you. i found a youtube video of him with this painting in the background, i saw that he painted it, i reached out to him and he was super happy to do an album cover. so that's whassap. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 16.25.19.png


4. still can't say where the label launch party will be. all i can say is that i have a very important meeting about it on tuesday and i'm already a bit nervous because i only have 30 minutes to convince them of my project. 

just hope not to stutter. but i think i won't, as i've come to learn, when it comes to this project i'm actually quite fearless.


5. finally have my business bank account set up, and with it a very big decision! i won't be selling any albums. everything will be for free and the project will run on donations (and on my side job as a super nanny!). 

if, at any point you feel like donating, you can just click the button :) (but no pressure at all if you don't want to haha).


that's all for now. hopefully a lot of good things will happen in july.

bye bye