newsletter July 2018

hi man!

before anything else, found a few things that reminded me of you, this month.

1. look at this guy's painting! his name is giorgio de chirico and it seems to me that if you started to paint more you'd start seeing the world in a very similar way to him. he's italian too :)


i think some of his works were the inspiration for the aesthetics behind a music genre called vaporwave. it's a bit of a weird music genre and i don't think you'll like it but here it goes, for your culture!

2. anyway, another painter, shall we? found this guy's interview and absolutely fell in love with him, even though he breathes in a very annoying way.

3. so sorry for all the links, but speaking of falling in love.


4. i think i showed you this already but here it is. it reminds me so much of you.



now, what's important to mention for this month?


1. hilda's first single comes out tomorrow, so you can go check her spotify page and things like that as soon as it is out. :)

also, here's this!

let me know if you want hilda's cassette. normal people will only get them if they contribute through the patreon page, but you're part of the family, so i'll defo let you have one without paying a monthly fee. if you want one just fill out this stuff below :)

Name *
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so that i know where to send it to


2. ended the daily show of the podcast for a while. trying to do a weekly one to make it more manageable for me. but also, i miss expressing my thoughts every day, so i started this little experiment of talking and singing to the mic every day, with no filters, no responsibilities.

don't know if this ever happened to you, but it probably did because you've been at this for way longer than me, but i just can't figure out what's inside my head. i can't figure out what I'm thinking because there's millions of voices inside it (literally, though) and it's hard to tell them apart or hear exactly how they sound. i wish i could create something that would make them exterior, but i don't know how that sounds or looks. i don't know if it's a song, a film, a poem, a speech, a photograph, it's making me a little obsessed and frustrated.


3. started doing some merch, and that has been my escape to think and be creative. i now own a sewing machine :)


4. sooooooooooooooo! the launch party for the label is at 











so, i managed to ask julia, the bimm boss for permission to open it on a saturday for me to be able to do the label launch in the exact place i came up with the idea for it.

never thought i'd actually do it at bimm, sounds pretty lame, but i mean, the idea came to me in g01 during a music industry lesson, so i wanted to pay homage to that moment and remember why I started in the first place. it's a symbolic gesture from me to me.





i'm guessing this is too much news already? but yeah, that's roughly what happened this month!

as always, thank you so much for your care, i would die without it.