newsletter September 2018

hey now

it’s true, the newsletter is for sure back!

there’s not loads to say, apart from the fact that i’m learning to enjoy myself, which means that things are sort of lagging behind as well. i’m less efficient but overall more focused on what’s actually important to me.

  1. but, an album comes out tomorrow!

    finding demo - october 2018

[fd-oct2018][cassette cover_front].jpg

i’m excited because it sounds beautiful, funny, broken and vulnerable, it’s a compilation of songs that sounds like me.

for a while i was even scared to work on this project because i was afraid it wasn’t going to be taken well by other people. but some switch flipped inside me and i don’t feel that anymore, completely. it’s like i’m being driven by something else now, and no one can really interfere with it, because i can’t do anything else but this.

i think you’ll recognise a lot of things in it :) - password is dory

2. felix’s album will come out next month and his interview video will be public tomorrow as well.

he’s now moved to berlin, and he’s really enjoying it so far.

think these are all the news for now