june newsletter

.june, juni, junho - sounds like so last month.

.i know guys. i'm so sorry to be always running late.

.let's get into it.


first ever album to come out on demo records ltd.

belle jar's campaign started in june, which meant that this month was full of press releases. through letter, through email, i wrote her bio more times than i can count.

this album will come out on the first of september, along with the label (and that is very exciting).

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 15.30.15.png

donations (ations... ations)

don't want to shout in your face "give me money", but this past month, i decided the label would run on donations. basically because i think music is now a service more than a product.

good news is - you'll be able to apply for albums for free.

bad news is - you'll be peer pressured into donating that starbucks coffee money (we all know you don't need it).


had a meeting at domino records

even me, in the beginning, used to mistake demo records for domino records. i'd constantly (and conveniently) call my label domino. and last month, i got the chance to meet jacqui rice, the co-founder of the label. i made a podcast on it, so defo go check it out. i should probably link it here, but you know what? i can't be bothered.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 16.25.19.png

hired a brazilian artist off of a youtube video

was looking into random album reviews on youtube and found this brazilian guy reviewing julie byrne's album. he had this really cool painting behind him that really caught my attention and eventually i called him up and he's now collaborating with the label!


got a pink logo now

demo ecord

had no more concise news, so there you go. that's it.