newsletter October 2018

hey ho hello!

this month has been pretty calm, to be honest. i have been slowing everything down in order to focus properly on my music, which means that my days are either spent at my bedroom reading and studying or at the studio recording demos.

here are the news i could gather, though.


felix’s ep is coming out on thursday and even though i was much less musically involved in this album, i’m still quite proud it’s being released, because he’s such a unique person with a lot of talent.

i also asked this brazilian artist to design his album cover, and i’m honestly really happy with it because it looks very weird and almost primitive (don’t know, it’s just my personal opinion).

[felix][digital cover].jpg


the album released this month, that compilation album of people’s first demos did pretty well, and i felt that people were really engaged with the concept, which i wasn’t expecting, actually.

[fd-oct2018][cassette cover_front].jpg
[fd-oct2018][cassette cover_back].jpg


went to see grouper (one of my favourite artists of all time!!) this month and her performance was mostly based on cassette loops, which i thought was really inspiring, crafty and beautiful.


like i said, have been working on my music a lot lately. am also working with a producer for the first time (on a long project, i mean) and it has been a very odd experience, still don’t know how i feel about that. if you have any tips on how i should express what i want, or on how much creative freedom i should allow without losing the intention of the songs, please do send them over, because i’m a bit lost there.

as usual, i hope you’re well