newsletter april 2018

hey ho hello!

so here are 5 highlights of april.

1. favourite plug-in was definitely native instruments' guitar rig. was so obsessed with running my vocals through all the amps and guitar things that now i can't really move on from the production stage. small example:

2. learned how to eq middle and sides differently during the mastering process, which was huge game changing advice for me.

3. designed the first j-cards for the first cassette tapes to ever be released by demo records ltd. woohoo for that!


5. finally learned how to use my dslr camera and went to test out all the techniques on an informal photoshoot with the first artist of the label.


5+1. extra highlight was definitely the discovery of this new trend, which i am sure you're familiar with!


what can we expect from may?

1. photoshoot in stockholm.

2. understand the meaning of hybrid drums.

3. get an internship at domino. (ok, this is not really an expectation, just a vague hope. but i did e-mail laurence, so thank you so much for that!)

4. reach 200 daily listeners on the podcast.


thank you!

ana from demo records ltd.