newsletter may 2018

hi, hi,   hi!

before anything else, can i just share my favourite song of the month?

anyway, here are 5 things that happened this month!


1. had this really exciting idea that i want to share.

will briefly explain

so, every month there will be a release. and every other month is a featured artist.

this means, one featured artist to be released in september, another in november, another in january and so on...

in between those months, the cassettes (/releases) will be themed mixtapes. the point is for them to feature a collective input, like a compilation album.

the first one to come out (in october 2018) will feature first ever demos. i asked some people to dig through their old stuff and find the oldest recording of an original song.

and, even though i have tracks lined up already, i want some of them to be from people i didn't necessarily think of or know. so i made a video, which i will share tomorrow, to find those extra missing tracks!

this project (the thematic mixtape cassettes in between featured artists) is called finding demo. (very nice pun, i'm aware)

2. me and belle jar started collecting clips for her campaign. belle jar is the first artist i will release, in september. she's also quite the character, i like her very much and she inspired this label so so so much, which i am massively thankful for!

3. the podcast reached almost 300 daily listeners this month, which is weird and funny. also did more than 100 episodes, mad!

4. photoshoot with the artist to be released in november 2018. he's a very funny character. i'm going to interview him today, so that shall be very interesting!


5. didn't get an internship at domino. 


i am now working with sofar sounds, which is very useful a&r time for me.

i also get to organise things, which is my favourite activity in the world. win win situations.




anyway, have a nice time in spain. eat a lot of chorizo and bread, because lord bless mediterranean food and cholesterol.

here's a stupid (very stupid!) song me and belle jar made a few months ago in an afternoon when we were bored in my room, for you to get in the zone. yes, i made a swedish person sing in spanish for my own enjoyment.

once again, thank you so much for all your super valuable help. never know how to express  gratitude properly!

ana from demo records ltd.