newsletter June 2018



so here's 5 exciting things that happened in june

1. got all contracts sorted out. all the lawyer stuff was really haunting me for the longest time, but now i can actually sign people to the label, which feels awesome.

2. press release season has started for belle jar, which is a bit strange because it's the first time i'm actually doing it. sometimes it's slightly discouraging to spend hours on emails to get absolutely no response, but it's also fuel to make me work harder. 


i'm also at a point where things are lining up and looking more real for me and the label, which means that my brain is looking for its share of chaos again. it's time to take more risks and plant more crazy seeds.

3. told you this already, but the domino thing was definitely a highlight of june for me. not because of the internship but because i got to meet jacqui and have a really engaging conversation. it had been a long time since someone actually understood what i was trying to say or do, and that felt strangely reassuring. we talked about demo records ltd. and the fears of starting a project like this, and suddenly i had this moment of lucidity. tried to record it, and describe demo records ltd. in under 5 minutes to have it on the main web page.

4. the compilation album i talked about in the last newsletter, the 'finding demo' mixtapes are already on their way. i got a lot of exciting demos sent to me, and i'll be doing some intense study of them to try and grapple with the questions that torment my brain. i'll be analysing them, reading about creativity and hopefully i'll one day better understand what art is and why i'm even bothering with all of this.

5. can't think of another relevant update, sorry for the disappointment.


.thank you.






i don't have any jokes this time (!)