newsletter july 2018


so here are some things that happened this month

1. started experimenting with ideas for merch. for that i had to learn how to sew and it has been a cool hobby for me to get my ideas pieced together with more clarity, since i get to work without headphones or something entering my brain. just need to speak fluent french and i'm definitely ready to be a proper girl.

2. belle jar's interview and first single finally come out tomorrow. they're both in this video below that has been sitting on my computer for weeks and weeks. we did everything together as an effort to create something that would reflect her wild personality and exploratory mindset. not sure I'll ever work on something this meaningful again, and in some ways it's really weird that it was the first collection of songs i ever mixed. 

3. had to take an unexpected break from london. the crazy schedule i was doing there was driving me insane and misplacing my priorities. i'm now ready to go back and hopefully be more grounded in my work.

4. btw, i'm doing a small event on sep 1st to celebrate the official launch of the label, so you're very welcome to come if you want to. it's at bimm (in the room i came up with the idea for the label) and there will be free port wine, which should be enough of a bait for any english person. anyway, if you'd like to come just let me know and i'll add you to the guest list!




what i'm expecting from august!


1. belle jar will be doing a live session with this swedish blog that has done sessions with first aid kit and other swedish folk heroes, which is pretty exciting.

2. belle jar's album is coming out alongside a small book she wrote with it.

3. further albums to be released by the label will leave  the incubator stage and I'll be finding more people who to help me run the label, which is a huge relief. some people to just help me discuss ideas and build concepts. honestly can't wait for that.




think that's all