newsletter September 2018

hi richard!

the newsletter is back! and it’s weird to do it again, because i feel like so much so important has passed.

mostly my perspective towards work has changed, and that’s why i have been more distant, have been keeping everything more to myself as i figure out what my goals actually are. found it too easy to incorporate other people’s expectations into my own and by the end of july i went bonkers.

but i did work in that time, and loads of exciting stuff happened this month!

  1. the release of belle jar’s album! yes, i know i said this before in another email, but i’m too happy about it to not mention again. all the copies were taken even before the album was out, which was a huge blessing.

2. there’s another album coming out tomorrow and it’s a compilation of different artists’ first ever demos.

it’s a beautiful, funny, broken and vulnerable work that sounds a lot like me on the inside.

[fd-oct2018][cassette cover_front].jpg

you can check it here if you’re curious, password is dory.

3. there’s another album coming out in november, of my friend felix, which i’m sure i mentioned before. we’ve done a video together and that will be released tomorrow afternoon!

4. it’s also going to be my final year at bimm and i have to make two albums until april. that shall be a huge challenge! (and i’ll be at domino as well) what a year, i’m super excited and scared! jeez


hope you’re well!