newsletter may 2018

1st maybe a bit of context

demo records ltd. is a project i created a while ago because of my absolute love for demos.

.there was always something super hypnotic and enchanting about recordings with mistakes, of songs not yet developed or complete.

.it was more akin to a real conversation than to a speech.

.certainly less concise but certainly more real.

so that's my record label


.this last month was really focused on photoshoots, recordings, videoshoots and interviews. that's because one of the campaigns is about to start and we had to gather all the material prior to the release.



and remember the artist i told you about? the folk artist that listens to metal and pop like you? here she is, her record comes out on the 1st of september 2018 and this is a tiny trailer to an interview she did!


i actually asked her to create a playlist for you so i hope you enjoy it! she had a lot of fun doing it.



thank you so much for wanting to know about the label, that's very kind and i really appreciate it!

ana from demo records ltd.